About us

Startax Accountancy Services Ltd, established in 2008, is a professional services firm of Chartered Accountants, Tax Consultants and Business Advisers. We are located in West Hampstead, 30 minutes from Victoria station by train.


Our team specialise in small and medium sized businesses. We also partner with big firms for larger companies clients. We provide our long standing experience and professionalism, along with a very friendly service where clients are given the attention without the time fees attitude.

Our website is intended to be an introduction to our services and our approach. As requirements differ for each individual or company, we are happy for telephone enquiries if you feel you would like to explain to one of our experts your particular circumstances and needs.

If your first language is Polish we have Polish speaking staff who can help you . If your first language is French we have french speaking staff. We also speak other langauges.  We welcome you to our offices.

If you require further information please contact us on 0207 624 3933 or contact us by submiting the form: click here.